Nina Binder is a renowned artist and producer best known for her enigmatic and enchanting performances on stage.  Her superlative acting technique and business savvy position her at the forefront of the thriving performing arts scene in New York City. 

Early Career

Nina started her career as a professional dancer.  Her formal training coupled with impeccable artistry helped her to make her mark on the dance world until an unfortunate accident and a series of surgeries altered the trajectory of her career.  As a dancer, she had a great love for music. That same love gave her strength and hope during her rehabilitation and recovery. 

Determined to reinvent herself as an artist, Nina signed with an Austrian-French record label and subsequently released records as a recording artist, producer, and writer. She went on to become the first female to graduate SAE (International College of Audio Engineering), Vienna’s Intensive Program, where she completed her dissertation on music copyright law. 

Intent on sharing her passion for the arts with others, Nina taught at Vienna’s Dance Academy, composed and recorded music for award-winning European musicians and worked with Austrian photographer Catherine Stukhard doing works for exhibitions, magazines and books. Additionally, she worked at the legendary Chung King studios. 

Before committing to a full-time life in the arts, she assisted her father, a prominent criminal lawyer, and worked at the United Nations and at an International Law Firm on Wall Street in New York. She also organized events and designed promotional materials with event-guru Saundra Parks for high-profile clients, including Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Andre Leon Talley, and Oprah Winfrey.

Current Career

In 2009, acclaimed writer, actress, acting coach, and Tony-nominated director, Susan Batson discovered Nina’s acting potential. Under Ms. Batson’s tutelage, Nina realized acting was her true calling. Her background in music and dance aided her on this new path. She has since starred in countless projects and worked with renowned artists such as Mary J. Blige, Snoop Dogg and many more. 

She wrote and starred in ROMY Icon, a one-woman show based on the life of actress Romy Schneider, which premiered at the Susan Batson Studio Theater in New York. ROMY Icon had a continued, successful run and was invited to many festivals and stages.   

In2011, Ms. Batson entrusted Nina with coaching and leadership roles at Susan Batson Studios.  As an empathetic coach, Nina challenged her students to find their inspiration, realize their dreams, and attain their greatest potential. Today, Nina focuses on her acting career, but she still teaches intensive workshops around the globe.  She splits her time between New York City and life on her Farm in the Hudson Valley.

Sister Moon Production Company

A creative innovator and savvy entrepreneur at heart, Nina created Sister Moon Productions—a studio and production company—as a way to unify her varied artistic interests and cultivate rising talent. She is currently producing an original feature film and recording music through Sister Moon. 

Because Nina’s remarkable life journey has led her to acting, she aspires to create films and characters that will inspire others for years to come. In her work, Nina strives to raise social awareness through masterful storytelling and dynamic characters. She exudes a compelling honesty and a desire to use her gifts for good. 

Through Sister Moon, Nina hopes to give a groundbreaking new voice to stories that are often overlooked and overshadowed. Her calling compels her to create work that dwells in the realm of truth, passion, and infinite inspiration.


Nina is the daughter of an actress and a former Vienna State Opera ballet dancer. She has two sisters, one is a former dancer and the other is a psychotherapist and cinema journalist. Her grandparents were singers and musicians. 

Both Nina and her father, who is a prominent Austrian lawyer, share an immense passion for boxing.  Nina is the honorary vice president of Box Union Favoriten, Austria’s leading boxing federation, home to the leading championship fighters.